Your campsite and relay steps at the entrance to the Verdon Gorges


  • Playground for children - Volley Ball - Ping Pong - WIFI internet connection - TV (optional).
  • We are planning to set up various activities: Drama plays, Ballroom Dancing, Painting, Sculpture and Wellness activities...

And also

  • Long-distance hiking paths
  • Geological reserve
  • Lake St. Croix
  • Moustier St Marie
  • The camp is about an hour from the French Riviera (Côte d'Azur)

There are also other activities nearby, as shown below :



Le Camping Panoramique du Verdon is a very practical relais étape for all those who travel across Castellane (04). Besides, the campsite is located G4 circuit.

You are hiking, with your donkey or your horse, you are bicycle tourists, riders or bikers, we will be happy to welcome you in our hotel.

Apart from its famous hiking routes in the Gorges of Verdon (the Martel trail, the trail of Imbut, the gazebo of Rancoumas by the bridge of Tusset, the Bastidon trail), the Castellane offers a stunning natural and cultural heritage.

Sumptuous natural sites and historical buildings will make your stay memorable (the Lac de Castillon, the Lac de Chaudanne, the natural geological preserve, the chapel of Notre-Dame of Roc, the Roc bridge, Saint-Victor church, etc.)

For bikers, the 300 km from the Napoleon Road, with its tight turns, offer a real moment of escape while riding your bike. The area is also ideal for bicycle touring.

This new type of tourism, combining sport and ecology, is now finding its place in France. The construction of a new track of almost 800 km connecting the Atlantic and Mediterranean sea... The project was carried out on the initiative of 6 departments and offers a wonderful route that should please a lot of people. Equipped with a map or guide, you'll enjoy the scenery.

You are always welcome at the Camping Panoramique du Verdon, regardless of how you travel. Feel free to contact us for any further information.

Route De Draguignan



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